Continuing education

By: Genevieve

Lots of our salon regulars have been wondering where in the world I’ve been lately. Totally legitimate questioning, I agree. Did she leave? Is she at home with the kids? The truth is, no and no. Over the summer, I was accepted to a new, beauty master’s program in Alpharetta, GA. It’s called The Mastery and it is co-owned by Lucie Doughty (Paul Mitchell Editorial Director) and Arlene Lyons (Business Extraordinare & Stanford Grad). The purpose of this 14-week, intensive program is to elevate the standards of our industry as a whole. Something in my humble opinion, which is long overdue. How many stylists have you come across who talk the talk and walk the walk? I think as professionals we owe it to not only ourselves, but the clients who trust us to understand all aspects of hair. Will I need to know how to create editorial wigs on a day to day basis in the salon? Maybe not, but learning how to individually weft hair helps me better understand how to cut, place color and insert hair extensions.

Over the past 14 weeks, I’ve had the incredible privelege to study under the tutelage of international artists and NAHA winners alike. Not only have I gotten an amazing hands on technical experience, but I’ve also gotten an incredible business education. Our craft is much more than just knowing a fantastic blow dry. I have a true passion for this industry and tremendous sense of responsibility when a guest sits in my chair. We, as stylists, owe it to you to give you our absolute best. Which is why we attend regular advanced training.

The great thing about being a consumer today is the power the internet gives us. We can “shop” a salon before we even step through the door. Online reviews and salon websites give us a great idea of that business. The products used, the prices of services and bios of the staff. Why is this important? Accountability. Not only do these details paint a picture for you, the consumer, but it’s also what keeps our industry current. We must be better than our last cut & color every time. How do we do that? Practice…and lots of it.

 The next time you sit in your stylist’s chair, ask what their last class was and what class they’re looking forward to attending. These classes are what push us as artists to grow and what keep you looking current. Will I miss the 4 1/2 hours in the car every day, 5 days a week? No. Was it worth it? Every minute.


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